Tariffs Leeds CyclePoint

Daily ticket- £ 1.50
A single ticket which entitles you to 24 hours' storage.

Monthly ticket - £ 20.00
Recommended for regular users such as commuters, the monthly option offers a significant saving.

Annual ticket - £ 140.00
Recommended for annual season ticket holders.

Monthly and annual ticket
holders will be issued a
secure swipe card for access
to the facility outside staffed
hours. Please note that for
reasons of additional security
there will be no access even
by swipe card between the
hours of 00.00 and 06.00.

Carnet - £ 15.00
A book of daily tickets for less frequent users who need the
convenience of CyclePoint whenever it suits their needs.
11 tickets for the price of 10 day tickets.

For additional access between 0600 – 1200 Midnight you need to purchase a swipe card at additional £10.00 deposit which applies only to the Annual or Monthly pass.

Repair tariffs
Servicing costs start from £49.95, although small
jobs such as puncture repairs start from £11.50.
(All jobs exclude the cost of parts.)