Secure Parking

CyclePoint gives customers security and peace of mind.
Bicycles can be left at the station without fear of theft or
vandalism. Customers store their cycles inside the CyclePoint
building in double deck racks.
The bikes can be locked onto the racks and they are monitored
by CCTV and by CyclePoint staff on the premises.


Costs start at £1.50 for a day's storage with discounts for monthly and annual tickets. CyclePoint is open between 6am and midnight, and staffed between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and 10am to 6pm at weekends.

For security reasons, only registered monthly and annual season ticket holders may use the CyclePoint when it is unstaffed. This ensures that we know who has access to CyclePoint when staff are not present. Access at these times is via a swipe card which season ticket holders receive when they register as CyclePoint users in return for a refundable deposit.

When unstaffed, CyclePoint is monitored by CCTV linked to Northern Rail's control room, and the area around the CyclePoint is patrolled by station staff.